Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Banana Pancakes + Rilakkuma + Instagram

Hi! I'm back with a very yummy recipe great for breakfast or a healthy snack for your kids and the whole family. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of bananas but this time, I wanted to try & cook something with banana on it since my boyfriend wanted one. I made 2 kinds of shapes out of this pancake recipe - Instagram App Icon and Rilakkuma. If you don't know Rilakkuma, he is a cute cartoon character from Japan. His name is derived from the Japanese word "Rilak" means "Relax" and "Kuma" means "Bear". I'm inspired making it because I have bought a tea set with Rilakkuma design too. Actually, I'm totally crazy about Japanese cute "kawaii" stuffs and I can't help myself from excitement everytime I see a Japanese character merchandise. Anyway, enough of this talk, here's the recipe you've been looking for.


2 eggs (separated)
2 1/2 cups all purpose flour
2 cups milk or buttermilk
1/4 cup butter or any vegetable oil (canola, olive, palm)
2 tbsps. white sugar
2 tsps. baking powder
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
2 ripe bananas (mashed or blended)

  • Separate the egg white and egg yolks in a bowl.
  • Combine dry ingredients together except sugar.
  • In a medium bowl, use electric whisk in beating egg whites and sugar. Beat until stiff and foamy consistency. Set aside.
  • Mash by using a blender or food processor to softened your sweet bananas.
  • Alternately combine milk, egg yolks and butter to your dry ingredients. 
  • Add the mashed banana to your batter then mix thoroughly.
  • Pour down the batter to your egg whites & sugar foamy mixture you've done earlier.
  • Use electric whisk if you have difficulty in mixing them. But do not over beat your batter.
  • Heat and grease your pan with vegetable oil. I do not recommend butter because it will burn easily your pancake. Turn to medium heat so that the batter will still have time to rise.
  • Use an egg molder or if you don't have one, just use a soup ladle to pour the batter to your heated pan to create a round pancake. If you want a perfect round shaped pancake you need to buy an egg molder. You can use a big round stainless cookie cutter if you have. 
  • You will noticed that the pancake is already cooked on the other side if bubbles starts popping out. Immediately flip the pancake on the other side and cook for 1 or 2 minutes.
  • Serve with maple syrup, whipped cream with fruits (strawberry go best with banana)
  • This recipe will yield 10 to 15 medium sized pancakes.
 Here's the egg molder and can be use for pancakes too. But do not follow this technique above if you're trying to make an ear for Rilakkuma because it will fall off.
 Here's the best technique on putting an ear to Rilakkuma. You need to get off the egg molder first and pour a little batter above the round shape to make an ear out of Rilakkuma. Then wait for 1 minute and flip to cook the other side.
Here's how the other side will look like after placing an ear to the round pancake.

Here are the photos of the pancakes using my dslr this time.

To make an Instagram Icon Pancake: You will either use a square cookie cutter or a knife to form a square out of your big round pancake. Use chocolate syrup or gel icing colors that comes in tubes (Black Color) to decorate your pancakes. Use candy sprinkles to form the colorful stripes from the Instagram logo. 

You can use chocolate syrup or black color color gel icing in tubes that are ready to use.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Alternative Version: How To Make Cake Pops

Hi! Today, I'm going to teach you an alternative version on how to make cake pops. What I meant to say is, you don't have to use a buttercream frosting or cream cheese frosting in this recipe. The secret ingredient? Tenen!!!! We just have to use Nestle All Purpose Cream or other call this heavy cream. As you can see, not a lot of people like the taste of All Purpose Cream but unlike them, I like it 'coz it's not too sweet and it comes together with the cake when you put them on the fridge. Actually, it's like whipping cream but they're not stored inside a vacuum tin canister. To further explain why I use this recipe, it's because cake pops  are basically coated with melted chocolate and mixing your cake with buttercream or cream cheese frosting would make it sweeter than ever. I don't want to suffer tonsilitis and that's the very main reason why I did this. Anyway, here are the directions on how to make cake pops.

Tools You Need:
  1. Cake Mix/ Cake recipe (any kind of chocolate e.g. chocolate, vanilla, red velvet,etc.)
  2. All Purpose Cream (Nestle brand or any brand similar to this.
  3. Candy Melts (unsweetened or semi-sweet; In this mixture I used the Goya brand 'coz it's a lot cheaper and the square chocolates aren't available anymore; Use white chocolate if you later want to add some colors.)
  4. Wax /Parchment Paper
  5. Lollipop Sticks or Barbeque Skewers (Here, I used BBQ Skewers 'coz they're cheaper and this cake pops are only samples they don't need to look fancy)
  6. Gel-based or Oil-based food coloring (Here, I used gel-based 'coz it's the only thing I have but I recommend oil-based food coloring 'coz we are coloring a chocolate. Do not use, water-based coloring, it just won't work with your chocolate.)
  7. Shortening
  8. Candy Sprinkles, sanding sugar, etc. for decorations
  9. Sturdy Styrofoam stand
  1. Crumble your baked cake.
  2. Pour down the cream on the crumbled cake 1 tbsp. at a time until you reach a consistency when you can make shapes with your cake without breakage or in other words, the cake will stick together into a ball or any shapes you like. Do not make super large shapes as this would cause breakage later on when you stick a skewer on it.
  3. Place your desired shapes you've made on a flat surface with wax paper and put it in the fridge for 15 minutes.
  4. Prepare your double boiler. Heat the chocolate candy melts and just estimate how many will you use 'coz it really depends upon the size of your cake pops. 
  5. Melt the chocolate slowly and if the consistency is very thick, add shortening one teaspoon at a time. Do not add too much shortening as it will make your mixture very thin and oily. 
  6. Check your cake pops on the fridge and if they're already stiff, you can now get your skewers/ sticks. Dip the skewers to the melted chocolate and stick it to the cake pops. When done doing this to all of your cake pops, place it again in your fridge for 5 minutes. We did this so that, the skewers / sticks won't fall off  later on when we dip the cake pops to the chocolate.
  7. After 5 minutes, you will noticed the chocolate hardened and the skewers aren't moving or rotating anymore if you'll try to move it.
  8. This time, you'll dip your cake pops slowly and coat them thoroughly. You may now color your chocolate too if you intend to. When you're happy with the result, you may stick them to the styrofoam to dry and decorate as you like.
  9. Do not expose your cake pops to high humidity temperature places or storage as it will cause your chocolate to melt and your cake pops to droop. For birthday parties, it's not recommended for outdoor parties. 
  10. You may wrap your cake pops using a tiny plastic bag use in wrapping chocolates to maintain it's freshness. Cake pops will be a great idea for decorations, or giveaways for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding or any other special occasions. Just use your imagination and creativity. Happy cake popping!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Very Merry Unbirthday To Lykah

Hi! I'm back with another experiment icing recipe. This time I use boiled icing to frost these cakes. In my observation, it's so difficult to pipe using boiled icing. It feels so sticky and the design won't hold that long everytime you pipe it. My designs drooped all over the cake. I don't know what's wrong with this icing recipe. I hate to say it but I'm really disappointed of the outcome of this icing recipe though I admit this icing really taste great. For me, it's not too sweet and it looks so glossy on your cake which I like. Anyway, this boiled icing recipe used a lot of corn syrup than sugar. I hope I can find an answer soon why my designs won't hold that long. Maybe I did something wrong while making this icing. Ugh! I have to make another batch again tomorrow. 
Meanwhile, me and my friend Lykah decided to have a pretend birthday and that answers the question why this post is entitled "A Very Merry Unbirthday To Lykah". Actually, were just havin' some silly moments blowing the candle. The colors turned out very good in the picture and the nonpareils adds a little detail on this very simple chocolate cake. If you're looking for the recipe of this boiled icing here it is. 


2 egg whites
1/8 tsp. salt
1 c. white corn syrup
1/4 c. sugar
1-1/2 tsps. vanilla


Beat egg whites and salt to form soft peaks.

In a saucepan, combine the corn syrup and sugar. Cook over low heat while stirring constantly. Allow the mixture to reach a full boil.

While still beating the egg whites, add the syrup mixture in a slow steady stream. Add vanilla and continue beating until the egg whites hold stiff peaks.

Frost as soon as possible.

Add gradually confectioner's sugar if your mixture won't come to a soft peak.

I just found the answer why my icing designs didn't hold because when using boiled icing, detailed designs are not advisable because of it's softness and fluffiness. The ripple, swirl, and peak patterns are three designs that work well with this frosting.

Tips on storing Boiled Frosting:
  • This fluffy white frosting is best when used as soon as it is made, but if necessary it can be stored for a day.
  • When storing the frosting, be sure to cover it tightly; and then refrigerate. If it is not stored airtight it will begin to set.
  • Once the boiled frosting has been spread on the cake, it can be stored at room temperature, but refrigerating it will help keep the frosting soft and fluffy longer.
  • Cover the cake with a domed cake server or a large container that is deep and wide enough to not disturb the frosting when placed over the cake.
  • Freezing the boiled frosting is not recommended.