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Hawaiian Luau Party + Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2012

This week is pretty busy 'coz the birthday of my future sis-in-law's only daughter falls on the Kadayawan sa Davao. I need to divide my time making her cake, cupcakes, desserts, balloons, etc. needed for her simple birthday party. 

Anyway, to summed up this week's activities, we celebrated her birthday last August 16, 2012 and I was so happy that my cake and cupcakes turned out great! The first layer is chocolate and the 2nd and 3rd layer which was her dress are lemon pound cakes. I adapted all the recipes from Martha Stewart. I find her cakes very yummy and easy to make. I was supposed to make some cake pops too but my time is short since I have the task not only to bake her cake but also to decorate the venue. OMG! I can feel my energy drained that day since I did not have that much sleep for the last 3 days. But thank God! everything is perfect and done wonderfully. Here are the photos from her birthday party.

Download the recipe for this Ultimate Chocolate  HERE.

Moreover, here are some of the photos I took during the Kadayawan Festival 2012. 
You will see a bunch of colorful "Banderitas" hanged all over the city. 
The upper Banderitas was sponsored by San Miguel Corporation and this one is by Coca-Cola.
This is the elevated platform where the dancers performed their dance numbers infront of the Rizal Eagle Stage. 

Dabawenyos are willing to wait for the dance numbers by the indak indak sa kadalanan presenters. 
I guess they are GMA 7's  Davao crews.
Another photo of the Eagle Stage
Lots of vendors scattered selling their merchandise like mineral waters, popcorn, sunglasses, candies, etc. 
Kids sitting on a high platform for a better view
I'm fascinated by the banderitas and wandering too how many plastics were used to create them. SO SAD!
They are not part of the Indak Indak sa Kadalanan presenters but I'm having a wild guess they are the dancers from the Hiyas sa Kadayawan which was held the night before this day.
You can see lots of colorful costumes using Malongs and satiny kind of fabrics.

I guess she's one of the top 3 winners of the Hiyas sa Kadayawan 2012
I'm pretty sure the woman on the center is the new Hiyas sa Kadayawan 2012 
Miss Hiyas sa Kadayawan 2012
The Hiyas sa Kadayawan candidates were again presented on stage with a dance for the opening ceremony.
Among the contestants of the Hiyas sa Kadayawan, she stands out to most of them.
The Hiyas sa Kadayawan 2012 colorful and sparkling costumes that best represents their tribe.
You know why I assumed she's the one who won eventhough I didn't watched the coronation because she's being congratulated and interviewed ever since that day before the Indak Indak sa Kadalanan presenters came over to Rizal Park.
As I searched through Google, her name is Jean Ali from the Maguindanao tribe. The new Hiyas sa Kadayawan 2012.

Me and my family watching at the back of the stage since it's the only part where we can hide away from the sun's scorching heat.The reason why my photos were all taken either side views or back views. Ugh!

I'm having a wild guess again. I think these girls represents their category during the Indak Indak sa Kadalanan 2012. I noticed every presenters have someone like a "queen" to hold the number written on the banner like on what school or tribe they represents.

They are the first contestants from the Indak Indak sa Kadalanan 2012.

If you don't look closer, you will not noticed that her hair is not real. It's a wig made from a black cottony yarn use in crocheting. Even I, was fooled.
They have these big Rafflesia flowers made from a spongy material or I think it's from a cardboard.
So far, there are 21 contestants of the Indak Indak sa Kadalanan but due to the scorching heat, we can't continue any longer and just went home after the 8th presenter plus it's lunch break we must have to go home.

The next day, August 19, 2012
Yes, we came out very late during the Pamulak sa Kadayawan float parade and it's really dissapointing!!!!
Korean girl poses the peace sign as they represent the Korean Association of Davao.
Good heavens! There are still few of the floral floats around. At least, we didn't came empty handed.

I think she looks like a Mariposa Barbie Cosplayer.

I'm torn about the fact if this is a T-Rex or a Duck. I can't really tell on this angle but it looks wonderful with all the flowers on it.
I can't imagine how many flowers were cut just to create this beautiful float. 
Variety of flowers were sticked on the float.
I guess on this view, I can tell it's a duck. LOL!
Since, were so late, we just moved our destination to Gaisano mall to have some light snacks.

To my curiosity, we went to these newly opened store called Red Mango and ordered these Classic Blueberries & Cream waffle. I think they're great and I totally recommend it to my friends and fellow Davaoneos (Dabawenyos). It doesn't cost that much unlike in Pancake house. You can get 2 pcs. of these mouth-watering waffles for the price of P80.00. You must try it!!! I guess at that time the owner of that store was there as we noticed she was the one who modeled it. :) (according to the photo located at the upper part)
Also, don't forget their waffles were shaped as heart. So lovely and appetizing! Anyway, we also tried the Banana and Almond flavored waffle and it tastes great too. Maybe next time I'll try the green tea flavored waffle but I'm hesistant it may not taste good though I admit I'm a green tea lover but can't imagine how it would taste like if it's incorpated in a waffle. @_@
After Red Mango, we also tried this cute yellow store called Happy Lemon where they serve a variety of juice, smoothies and milk tea. Don't worry guys,their drinks are affordable! But if you look outside, you may find the store "Sosy" and you will thought of how pricey their food are but don't be fooled by the clear glasses surrounding it 'coz I assure you, it's not what you think. Their prices only ranged from 60 to 120 maximum... the least I can remember.For students, I guess they will have second thoughts about it but for us, working people, I think it's a bit okay. Not bad at all!!! A once in a month visit would do. (wink!)
Next time, I'll try that mango & orange yogurt mousse drink.
You may all wonder why were still wearing sunglasses inside the mall. Actually, it's a disguise 'coz were avoiding someone from seeing us inside the mall. Hehehe!
Here, we ordered the Lemon Green Tea and the Lemon Honey Juice. According to my taste buds, I strongly recommend the former 'coz it does tastes good and leaves a jasmine aftertaste which I love. Soo..fragrant and relaxing to your senses after you drink it.

We took some photos outside the establishments too for the "curiosers" like me also. I'm glad these establishments are so clean and their comfort rooms are surprisingly clean also!
You can see the Pinnacle hotel from our background. It looks like we took this photo outside of the country. Davao is just amazing...a big city but not that polluted at all!!!Ahh! refreshing...

An escalator ride before you will arrived to Happy Lemon and Red Mango

I never knew there's a place like this in Davao City. First time ko? LOL!
They call this place "The Peak". It's located outside the 4th floor of the Gaisano Mall of Davao.
Wow! crowded with people strolling inside the mall.
Though we came out late we still managed to have some fun just food tripping and strolling the mall. This day marks the end of the Kadayawan Festival 2012. See ya all in year 2013.


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