Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Baking and Cooking Journey

Hi, my name is Zhang but my friends and family usually call me Madame. Me and my friends used to call each other as Madame as a way to address or refer to a woman in a polite or respectful way. I guess it all started that way but this call sign is very common here in my place. Anyway, so much for that, I don't have a formal education in baking and cooking. Most of the time, I got all my recipes online and some through my friends. I once enrolled in a cake pops 1 day class and the rest are all experiments. I hope you'll love my creations and I can be of help to those aspiring bakers and cooks out there who can't afford to enroll in a cooking & baking class. Most of my post will be more on baking since I'm more interested  in it and some budget cooking recipes I know.


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