Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tinker Bell + Neon + Chocolate Cake

I just want to say Happy Birthday to my friend's daughter. She turns 1 today and I'm so glad I was the one who made her cake. They opt for a Tinkerbell design cake. I made this cake into 2 kinds. The upper layer is chocolate cake and the lower layer is a White cake that I made into a neon or rainbow cake. The idea is to make 2 flavors in just one cake. They want to make sure that the guest will have a choice on what to eat but actually they have no more choice at all in this matter because they will have to eat the other half too even if they don't like (lol). But for me, I think the 2 flavors compliment each other so it won't be too sweet after all. I frosted it with buttercream and decorated it with some edible toppers made with royal icings and fondant. I'm a real big fan of buttercream frostings. They just feel so soft and yummy to the tongue unlike royal icings and fondants they can be a bit hard like candies. Thanks to Ms. Liza Meres Junio for trusting me to make  her daughther's birthday cake. Thanks also to my assistant Rose Daiz for spending the sleepless night with me. It was tiring but absolutely fun! 


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