Friday, September 14, 2012

Disappointed at 50 Anos MYOH (Make Your Own Havaianas) 2012

You're not reading it wrong...I'm really disappointed by my new pair since that guy who assembled my Havaianas did not gave me the right sole for my strap. He did not even told me that this strap is not intended for this kind of Havaianas. My strap is for a "top" design and not for the "slim" designs and I just noticed it when I got home. Now I know why I'm not comfortable by just looking at my new pair. That assembler is totally absent minded. I guess he's new to this thing or he's just born that way...grrrrrr...I'm totally pissed off! I'm not new to this MYOH thing since I've been attending this before when I was still residing at Cagayan de Oro. The difference also in MYOH in CdeO and Davao, the former was more exciting, have friendly assemblers, and more attendees while the latter is so serious, almost all of the assemblers are clueless of what they are doing, grumpy and their opening day is so so slow plus not to mention there's no cocktail or snacks served. (What the heck?). I'm really really sad today...I don't know what I'm supposed to do with my new pair but I came out of an idea.
I guess I will just sell my sole not including the strap. For those who owned a damaged "Top" Havaianas or just in exchange for money I'm going to buy it as long as it's 35-36 size any color and still in good condition. You may contact me at I hope I'll found one soon....Anyway, I bought 2 pairs - one for my friend Abby and one for myself. We have a different assembler so I guess lady luck was on her side since It's her first time to attend MYOH. I've learned my lesson well and always check your size first (thu I checked it but I just did not recognize the TOP and SLIM since this is my first top so far) and the type of sole for your strap before they assemble it or you'll regret BIG TIME!!! So much for my disappointment today, what I like on this year's MYOH are their letter pins comes in black which is darker than the past 2 years which is only plain silver. Also, they gave away a limited cute Havaianas mood bracelet. I think that's all there is on this year's MYOH held here in Davao City (Ayala Abreeza Mall). Below are some photos I took during the first day of MYOH 2012 - September 14, 2012. Just check it out! Maybe you'll find yourself here....HAVA nice day though it's not 100% least!

 A pile of Havaianas straps in lemon yellow and hot pink color

I love these combination of colors Grey, Sky blue and Pink

 Above are this year's pin and the 4 images below are the zoomed in versions for a closer look.

This one doesn't look grumpy at all. Thank goodness! I think I need this vibe today.
You noticed their crews? They're really grumpy and I don't know why!?

Look! It's our very cute mood bracelets. Sometimes I hope they gave me the pink color. Geesh!!!

Yesterday,September 15, 2012 , I went back to Abreeza Mall where they held the Make Your Own Havaianas event to ask for replacement of my Hava's sole. I went directly to the Customer service area of MYOH and I addressed to them my problem. But before I went there, I equipped myself first with few articles from the Consumer Act Law in case they will invoke the "No Return, No Exchange". So funny right? But Thank God! that customer service woman is very accommodating and helped me all the way through the process of replacement. They let me sign a waiver that I'm only entitled to change it once. Oh! I'm feeling at ease now that I can finally wear my new pair of Havaianas. Thank God! I can sleep well now. I forgive you Mr. Rasta-like man assembler. :)


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