Sunday, September 9, 2012

Uchusentai Noiz Live in Davao City 2012

Waaah!!! I finally got the chance to see these awesome Jrock band all the way from Japan. Anyway, this post is non-food related. I didn't baked something good this week but had blast during this weekend since I've seen Uchusentai Noiz in the flesh. It's also my first time to attend a non-professional cosplay event. I'm so glad I live in Davao City because I have the chance to do the things I want to do like photography and baking. I hope Davao City will remain this way under the administration of the Duterte 'coz it's so safe to go outside and experience life. So much for that, me and my friend Abby arrived exactly at 4:00 pm @ SM Parking Lot C. It is where the cosplay event held at and also where the Uchusentai Noiz concert venue. I've seen lots of different faces of teens in their colorful costumes. There is also a look-a-like contest going on and will be given the chance to have a photo opt with Uchusentai Noiz if they won. But unfortunately, few entered the contest and all who've dressed up as Uchusentai Noiz got the chance to go on stage and have a photo of them. Abby and I had a huge crush on that cute little kid who dressed as Kotaro. Angel Taka is such a funny guy too. His english pronunciation is so cute 'coz you can really distinguish the R in his L. He also loves to imitate the tag line from a famous noontime show where Willie Revillame hosted--Angel Taka loves to say "1000, 2000, 3000 - Congratulations!" to everyone. All in all, it was an experience of a lifetime. I promised to myself that this isn't the first Japanese concert I'll ever watch in my entire life. It was so fun that I almost lost my voice from screaming. Here are the photos from the concert. Hope you'll love it guys!


BriannaCastagna/Mars 1569 said...

You are so friging lucky who are those cosplayers of uchusentai noiz? ai shi teru masato!!! you rock and so do the pics

Zhang said...

there was a contest held for Uchusentai Noiz look-a-like at that time. THanks for dropping by :)

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