Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Menu 2012

Hi! Tonight is Halloween and I'm almost ready with my menu. If you haven't found any simple ideas yet, how about try to copy this food I've made just now. Actually, I'm not sure what I'm going to wear tonight. I'm still having trouble with my cat costume. I can't find a nice footwear to match with it. I don't want to wear high heels either. Anyway, this is not a tutorial post. It's more on ideas on what to serve for this evening. 

I don't know how I will call this. It's a creepy crawler jello with oreo as dirt. I made these worms using straw and gelatin. All you need is to do exactly what's in the photo below. 

 Here's a close up of my coffee flavored worms with oreo dirt and bits of worm gummy candies.
These things on the glass are coffee flavored jelly puddings with rice kripies as maggots and oreo for tombstone and as dirt. I use cream cheese sandwich spread to pipe the RIP letters on the oreo. I just add a little bit of gel food color to the white cream cheese spread and place it inside wax paper and then piped it.

These are just Graham Crackers with oreo filling and cream cheese sandwich spread which I add a red gel paste food color to get this blood effect. At first, I was having a hard time on how to slice the Graham Crackers but my friend helped me by just getting a knife and lightly sliced it to get a straight line. Noticed some of them are not straight because I just cracked it using my hand and don't ever follow me. Ha!

This chocolate and candy bouquet will also be my centerpiece for tonight. I just used barbecue skewers or sticks and glue gun the chocolates and candies to get this effect and stick it in using floral foam. 

I will also be serving glazed donuts tonight. It will be my first time making a doughnut so I'm so excited with it. I will post tutorial on it this week if it will come out good. That's all folks! Happy Hallows Eve to all! Muah!

Friday, October 26, 2012

How To Make Angel's Wings Cookies Hanging In Your Cup/Mug/Glass Rim

     Hi! I'm back with a new decorating/baking technique on how to make a pretty angel's wings cookie that will beautifully hang around on your coffee mug, tea cup or glass milk. You need a good cookie sugar recipe first to bake a cookie. Martha  Stewart's sugar cookie recipe is a never fail cookie recipe to me. Here's the link to the Recipe (SKIP THE ADS).

     Before you bake your cookies, you will need a HEART-SHAPED cookie cutter. Cut the cookie dough using your heart shape cookie cutter and then slice them into two. Now, you have 2 sides of the dough and this will now serve as left and right wings. 

     Next, get a knife or Xacto knife to cut a little portion of the cookie to where you use it to hang them in your mug, cup or glass. Get your desired mug, cup or glass to measure how thick you should cut it or it might not fit in the rim. When done, bake your cookies until golden brown in color.

Cover your cookie with white royal icing and let it dry before decorating them with feathers later on. The piping should be like this illustration below. Use a ziploc for piping if you don't want to use icing tips. 

     The finish product should look like this. It's so very easy and you don't need to buy some fancy cookie cutter just to make an angel's wings hanging on  your mug/cup/glass rim. 

Here's another shot using my iPhone. By the way, add me in Instagram. My username is ibadkitteh. 

     Tell me what do you think of this tutorial. I hope it helps you impress your friends, guest and your family. Have a nice day!!!

Credit to cookie dough image

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Make Your Own Cookie Stencils As Guide In Painting Your Cookies

     Hi! I'm back with some new cookie project and this time it's very unique and I personally commended myself for this cookie stenciling project came out really really great. I am not making a tutorial on how to make a stencils because I don't know how to explain it either. But I will tell you how I made it. 
     First, I google searched the images I want to appear in my cookie. It will be very easy if you choose images that are very simple like a clip art or vectorized images. I recommend images use by kids to fill in colors like in coloring books. There are lots of free downloadable coloring pages in the web. Here's a sample click here! (SKIP ADS) 
     You're done choosing your design and that's where the second step comes in. You have to save your images and resize your photo according to your cookie size. Get a ruler or tape measure to get the exact diameter of your cookie. The image you'll be printing must fit in your desired cookie size. A basic cookie size is about 5 centimeters. Therefore your image must be around 4.5 cm because you're going to cover it with royal icing later on and if your image is over the size of your cookie then some parts may be cut off from your desired design. You may need a little Photoshop knowledge to do this or ask someone to help you. Print your photo in a glossy and little thick photo paper. The reason behind why glossy so you can clean the food coloring very easy later on and the reason why should it be thick so that when you cut it out later on with your Xacto knife, it will not tear apart. 
     Third step, use your desired cookie cutter and draw it around your image. It may be an oblong, circle, rectangle or square cookie cutter. Make sure your cookie cutter is possible for you to have enough cookie space to paint later on. It's better if you use the basic shapes 'coz you'll have more space to work on. 
     Fourth step is the tricky part. You need to watch How-To tutorials on how to make stencils on YouTube first if you don't have any background in Stenciling. Here's a sample of tutorial to help you. (SKIP ADS) Once you got the idea on how to make a Stencil, then you are ready for the next step.
     Fifth step is to start cutting out your image using an Xacto Knife. Don't use cutter 'coz they're not really accurate. You need to invest an Xacto knife if you don't want to waste your time cutting out later on. You really need a lot of patience in making your own stencils.Honestly, you need to practice and keep on trying if at first you suck at it. Trust me, you'll be very happy with the result later on. 
     The sixth step is to bake your sugar cookies and cover it with royal icing first before you can start painting on it and not to mention it needs to be completely dry before you paint them. 
     Seventh step is start tracing your stenciled image to your cookie using a very thin tip brush and when done, peel it away from your cookie very carefully and start filling and completing the lines of your image. By the way, you need a Vodka or White Tequila to wet your detail artist brush and to mix your colors because alcohol is faster to evaporate than using water. In my own experience also, water tends to melt the royal icing and you will not want to create craters on your masterpiece 'coz it's not a good sight. Use gel food colors and dry your painted cookies completely before putting it on your plastic wrappers if you're using it for giveaways or gifts. That's it! I know it's not that easy but trust me, you'll be proud of yourself  when you're done. Below are photos of my painted cookies using the stencils I made. My main point in making stencils is to get an accurate size and look of the image I want to appear on my cookies but if you're good in painting or drawing, there's no need to do this. But in my situation, I need to make sure I will not screw up my cookies by just directly painting in them so I use this technique and it works for me and I'm happy with the result. If you have any questions regarding this, don't hesitate to comment below and I will answer it as best as I can do. Have fun stenciling and painting your cookies guys!!! Muah!
Blurring myself 'coz I look so hideous in this photo. No Sleep Yet!

Pooh before I color him and I forgot to take a photo when it was done.

The images above are taken using my iPhone and the images below this line are from my dslr.
 Tigger hand painted cookie
 Orange Tabby Cat hand painted cookie
 Wolf cookie 
 Vintage bunny hand painted cookie 
 Sponge Bob hand painted cookie
 Finding Nemo hand painted cookie
 Vintage rose pattern hand painted cookie
 Piglet with balloon hand painted cookie. I also have a Pooh but forgot to take photo of it.
 Eensie Weensie Spider hand painted cookie
 I use stencil on the letters and crown only. The roses, I just paint it without stencils
 Zebra hand painted cookie
 Sad face monkey painted cookie
Maneko Neki hand painted cookie