Friday, October 26, 2012

How To Make Angel's Wings Cookies Hanging In Your Cup/Mug/Glass Rim

     Hi! I'm back with a new decorating/baking technique on how to make a pretty angel's wings cookie that will beautifully hang around on your coffee mug, tea cup or glass milk. You need a good cookie sugar recipe first to bake a cookie. Martha  Stewart's sugar cookie recipe is a never fail cookie recipe to me. Here's the link to the Recipe (SKIP THE ADS).

     Before you bake your cookies, you will need a HEART-SHAPED cookie cutter. Cut the cookie dough using your heart shape cookie cutter and then slice them into two. Now, you have 2 sides of the dough and this will now serve as left and right wings. 

     Next, get a knife or Xacto knife to cut a little portion of the cookie to where you use it to hang them in your mug, cup or glass. Get your desired mug, cup or glass to measure how thick you should cut it or it might not fit in the rim. When done, bake your cookies until golden brown in color.

Cover your cookie with white royal icing and let it dry before decorating them with feathers later on. The piping should be like this illustration below. Use a ziploc for piping if you don't want to use icing tips. 

     The finish product should look like this. It's so very easy and you don't need to buy some fancy cookie cutter just to make an angel's wings hanging on  your mug/cup/glass rim. 

Here's another shot using my iPhone. By the way, add me in Instagram. My username is ibadkitteh. 

     Tell me what do you think of this tutorial. I hope it helps you impress your friends, guest and your family. Have a nice day!!!

Credit to cookie dough image


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