Monday, November 12, 2012

Cookies with Emo Gothic Dark Halloweenie Designs

Hi! This post may be a bit too late but I must post this for content purpose. The original title of this post is "Cookies from my favorite dark fantasy movies". Since they're not all from a movie so I changed the title to "Cookies with emo gothic dark halloweenie designs" instead. Some of them are cute emo gothic designs I copied from various photos I searched online. Yes, they are all hand painted sugar cookies. I made them as a gift for my bestfriend 'coz she loves anything with skulls and dark. I'm thinking of making a cute cake with gothic inspired cookies as toppers soon for my little sis birthday. I hope she won't give me any reason next month not to make her cake. If she'll be naughty, maybe I'll change my mind. She's a little bit stubborn sometimes and we don't like it if she acts like that.  Anyway, if you're from Davao City and would love to order customized and unique cookies for birthdays, anniversaries, simple weddings, monthsarries, baby showers, bridal showers, etc. don't hesitate to contact me in my FACEBOOK PAGE

 Snow White cookie
 Emo skull plaid prints cookie
 Cute Grim Reaper cookie
 Cute Witchy cookie
 Sally from Tim Burton's: Nightmare before Christmas cookie
 Corpse Bride Cookie
 Emo punk gothic cute skull and bones cookie 
 Ghost in halloween inspired plaid print cookie
 Jack Skellington Nightmare before Christmas cookie
 Ryuk from Death Note anime hand painted cookie
 Morticia Addams from Addams Family hand painted cookie

Wednesday Addams hand painted cookie
Halloween Inspired Cookie Set 
 Dementor/Scream hand painted cookie
 Ghost in the graveyard halloween night hand painted cookie
 Graveyard with moon shining hand painted cookie
 Witch's Brew hand painted cookie
 Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street inspired hand painted cookie
 Cute happy ghost cookie
Graveyard Halloween Cookie Set 
Uh oh! What's this? Actually, this is not part of the Halloween cookies I made this year. This is the donkey courier from Dota 2 which I hand painted to give it to my boyfriend. 


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