Monday, November 12, 2012

My First Halloween Celebration Ever

I'm not kidding! This is my first Halloween Celebration ever!!! The reason behind is Filipinos don't celebrate this holiday and as a Catholic nation, dressing as monsters, witch, wizard, etc. is strongly opposed for devout Catholics. If only Filipinos knows the real meaning of Halloween. It is not the way to idolized evil or satanic activities and stuffs. To trace back the origin of Halloween, the Celts believe that during Hallows Eve the spirits will come back to the world of the living to scare and grab some souls. And because they're afraid the spirits may find them, they hide themselves wearing scary mask, dressed as goblins or ghost or something unpleasant so that the dead spirits will not recognize and will not choose them. That's the original meaning of Halloween. I have to explain to people why we have to celebrate it and fortunately I've opened up their minds a little bit and that's the reason why we are able to celebrate it this time. Halloween is much enjoyable for the kids 'coz in this time of the year, they're allowed to eat all the chocolates and candies they've gathered from Trick or Treats. The adults are not much having fun if they don't like dressing up but Thank God, we love to dress up. Anyway, here are the photos from this year's Halloween celebration. Until next year!!!
The kids are having so much fun treat or treating at SM Davao City

Good vs. Evil costumes. Congrats to Zanny (left) for winning the most creative during the annual Halloween celebration here at Toscana Subdivision. On the other hand, Zephy (right) didn't interact that much during the contest. She just played with the kids at the club house where the party was held. 
 Zephy as Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast and her Jack o' Lantern basket
 Glow in the dark Skeleton hanged outside ready for the night's celebration
 Front door decoration made from paper plate, Japanese paper and crepe paper.
 Silhouette of a witch painted in our glass window. I used poster color to paint this. It can be washed off with water if you're curious how will I remove it later on.
Kids from the neighbors trick or treating 

 Sinister Nurse and funky haired Witch costume
 She just use her old nursing uniform as her costume if you'd like to know.
 A random girl asked a photo of us for remembrance...maybe she's one of our neighbor.
 Acting according to our costumes
 Can you spot what I'm wearing this Halloween?
 Ready for Halloween dinner and trick or treaters

 My boyfriend is the Skeleton wearing crocs Haha!
 Let's try some flying jumping shots!
 Kitty witch
 Marshmallow Pops with rice krispies on it.
 Halloween centerpiece Candy/chocolate bouquet

 Dead zombie nurse

 Giving out treats to the kids passing by

 Funny tombstone names
 We forgot to deflate the kiddie pool. LOL!
 Last minute halloween candle holder made from plastic cola bottles.

 Funny nurse and patient trying to bite her
 Funny cross/tombstone names for Halloween
 Jack o' Lantern balloon. I used a color pen to draw the face on the balloon.
 The skeleton entangled from the webs

 Horror emo girl
 Playing with the light photography using the cellphone's flashlight. This one is an angel complete with wings and halo. You must be very quick to achieve this kind of design. It took us 20+ attempts to get this. LOL!
It only took 3 attempts to achieve these horns. Creepy right?


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