Monday, February 4, 2013

Awesome Cookies I Made Last Year 2012

Hey there guys! Please forgive me for being so lazy posting here in my blog. Maybe because nobody is commenting about my post. I just hope someone will say hi and say something about this blog of mine so that I will know how to improve it and give me more inspiration to bake new goodies that might interest you. 

Anyway, here are some of the few cookies I made last year. Most of the cookies I've done are handpainted 'coz they're easier to make unlike the piping technique which cost me a lot of time and there's a problem with our kitchen sink (it won't drain) which cause me not to bake anything for quite a few months now. I hope the plumber will figure out soon what's going on with the kitchen pipes. FYI we already did anything we can do to fix that annoying kitchen sink but just resulted to frustration and wasted a lot of money (e.g. kitchen snake,  that oily pipe formula, baking soda, muriatic acid and many more) and not to mention our time. Hopefully it will be okay maybe this week 'coz finally the plumber started fixing it. I mean we finally found a plumber. Nuff said about this problem...well, I hope these cookie ideas will ignite some of your brain cells on what's your next cookie will look like. Have fun baking and decorating!!! 

 Vampire Knight- Kaname Kuran cookie
 Monokuro Boo by Sanrio cookie
Rilakkuma and Kon (Bleach anime) Cookies
Madame Castafiore from The Adventures of Tintin comics and movie. My next cookie post will be about Tintin maybe....

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