Monday, May 13, 2013

The Adventures of Tintin Cookies

Hello! I'm Back! Yeah, I'm so sorry for being so lazy updating this blog but don't worry I'm still here and I'm not yet giving up with this blog. I'm just so busy with my workouts and some extra curricular activities. Today, is election day here in our country and just this evening, I found out that some of the candidates who doesn't have any experience at all are already on the top 5 results as to this hour. Philippines don't deserve these people but the way Filipinos vote which is based on popularity, I think It's hopeless and I've lost my confidence in the voting abilities of the Filipinos. What's going on Philippines? How will this country ever rise to top if we remain like this. Ugh! I can't believe these people who vote on these kind of candidates. My blood's raising to the boiling point! Since I can't do about the results anymore, I'll just shut up my mouth and just focus on my hobby. So much of this rant, as promised, here are the photos of my Adventures of Tintin Cookies. Actually, I didn't finished painting them 'coz I got so lazy and busy with my exercise. I'm also making a new blog about fitness, healthy eating and motivation. If it's launched I will share my blog here. For Google search purposes, I will post these cookies here and I hope it helps someone in the future if someone tries to find an inspiration about this comic series by Herge. I hope Steven Spielberg will make a sequel on this comic this year or maybe next year as long as he won't forget it I'm cool with it and I'll wait for it (lol!). 

Detective Thompson cookie
Tintin cookie
Madame Castafiore cookie
Captain Haddock cookie
From Left to Right: Madame Castafiore, Tintin, Detective Thompson and Captain Haddock
Ready to color cookies. You can use edible markers on this or just paint with food coloring dipped in a little bit of vodka or gin. I don't recommend water 'coz it really don't evaporate that fast.
This last cookie (Tintin and Snowy) bleed because I dropped a little water due to carelessness while working. Accidents do happen. :D


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