Friday, June 28, 2013

Dragon Cookie Bouquet

I can't count the times I tried to visualize this cookie bouquet ordered by my client. Since I don't have a Kopycake projector, I really have to hand cut this one. So far, this is the most challenging I've ever done. Thank God! I found a cute dragon image online to copy. My client opt for darker colored cookies since it is for a boy but as I told her these are by far the darkest green  I have aside from the apple green but Thank God again she reconsidered it. If  you ever wonder how I hand cut the cookies without the use of cookie cutters, here's the tutorial. Below are the photos of this cookie bouquet. Hope you'll love it guys 'coz the kid that received this totally appreciated it. I'm blessed to have such wonderful clients! 

 Since I don't have a Kopycake projector and it's not available here in our country, I make my own stencil and trace the design by using a very thin brush as a guide for your royal icing later on. Oh Lawd! you need to have basic skills in drawing and stenciling first before you dive into this or ask a friend to draw it for you instead if you really can't do it on your own. 

 I just painted the fire with gel food color using a thin brush.

Luck was on my side 'coz I really wanted to put something for a focal point in this bouquet then I found this big dragon party hat at our local party shop. I use hot glue to stick it to the balloon stick.

To download the dragon image I use. Click Here!!! & Here!!!
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Hello Kitty Cookie Bouquet

Here's my first Hello Kitty bouquet ordered for a 4th birthday celebration of my client's daughter. I daresay that these cookies are really easy to make since the icing colors are not that complicated it only includes white, pink and black. I hate mixing dark icing colors 'coz it's really tiring. You know I'm still a novice in this business and I'm still building up my knowledge about mixing dark colors and I think I really need to invest buying lots of gel colors 'coz honestly I only have the basic colors for now. By the way, I made this cookie bouquet together with the flower cookie bouquet.

Before Hello Kitty have their eyes, nose and whiskers. Here's how she looked like. 

After drying them for 24 hours, here's how they looked like when done wrapping individually.

Tenen! The final product or presentation of my Hello Kitty bouquet.

Delivered 2 cookie bouquets in 1 day. More orders to come :)

Flower Cookie Bouquet

My soon to be engineer client ordered a flower cookie bouquet. He particularly requested for a yellow flower and all I can think of is a Sunflower. I just add a little basic pink and purple flowers around it also so the yellow color will pop up. This cookie bouquet is a post Valentine gift. I hope the girl will appreciate it 'coz I think my client is really a sweet kind of person. Not all men have any idea what to give to a girl in special occasions. That girl is so lucky to have him. Damn!

The Sunflowers are hand cut and the middle of the sunflower are tiny chocolate pellets "Choco Baby" by Meiji. The leaves are also hand cut to create variation. I get excited with orders that comes in pink. LOL!

Cupcake Cookie Bouquet

Hello everyone! I just want to share the photos of my cupcake cookie bouquet I made for an anniversary. I love making pastel color cookies 'coz I find them cute and not make the work so boring. Just hand cut these cookies without using cookie cutters 'coz I don't have one for now but I already have an idea how I can save a lot of money by just making my own cute cookie cutters and  I will post the tutorial about it soon after I've tried it.

Here's the photo of the cupcake bouquet before it was wrapped up in printed cellophane.

If you're looking for cute, unique and affordable gift for your loved ones or any special occasions try giving her a cookie bouquet. Roses will wilt but these won't! You can share it to your friends too. Ha!