Friday, June 28, 2013

Cupcake Cookie Bouquet

Hello everyone! I just want to share the photos of my cupcake cookie bouquet I made for an anniversary. I love making pastel color cookies 'coz I find them cute and not make the work so boring. Just hand cut these cookies without using cookie cutters 'coz I don't have one for now but I already have an idea how I can save a lot of money by just making my own cute cookie cutters and  I will post the tutorial about it soon after I've tried it.

Here's the photo of the cupcake bouquet before it was wrapped up in printed cellophane.

If you're looking for cute, unique and affordable gift for your loved ones or any special occasions try giving her a cookie bouquet. Roses will wilt but these won't! You can share it to your friends too. Ha!


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