Friday, June 28, 2013

Dragon Cookie Bouquet

I can't count the times I tried to visualize this cookie bouquet ordered by my client. Since I don't have a Kopycake projector, I really have to hand cut this one. So far, this is the most challenging I've ever done. Thank God! I found a cute dragon image online to copy. My client opt for darker colored cookies since it is for a boy but as I told her these are by far the darkest green  I have aside from the apple green but Thank God again she reconsidered it. If  you ever wonder how I hand cut the cookies without the use of cookie cutters, here's the tutorial. Below are the photos of this cookie bouquet. Hope you'll love it guys 'coz the kid that received this totally appreciated it. I'm blessed to have such wonderful clients! 

 Since I don't have a Kopycake projector and it's not available here in our country, I make my own stencil and trace the design by using a very thin brush as a guide for your royal icing later on. Oh Lawd! you need to have basic skills in drawing and stenciling first before you dive into this or ask a friend to draw it for you instead if you really can't do it on your own. 

 I just painted the fire with gel food color using a thin brush.

Luck was on my side 'coz I really wanted to put something for a focal point in this bouquet then I found this big dragon party hat at our local party shop. I use hot glue to stick it to the balloon stick.

To download the dragon image I use. Click Here!!! & Here!!!
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