Friday, June 28, 2013

Hello Kitty Cookie Bouquet

Here's my first Hello Kitty bouquet ordered for a 4th birthday celebration of my client's daughter. I daresay that these cookies are really easy to make since the icing colors are not that complicated it only includes white, pink and black. I hate mixing dark icing colors 'coz it's really tiring. You know I'm still a novice in this business and I'm still building up my knowledge about mixing dark colors and I think I really need to invest buying lots of gel colors 'coz honestly I only have the basic colors for now. By the way, I made this cookie bouquet together with the flower cookie bouquet.

Before Hello Kitty have their eyes, nose and whiskers. Here's how she looked like. 

After drying them for 24 hours, here's how they looked like when done wrapping individually.

Tenen! The final product or presentation of my Hello Kitty bouquet.

Delivered 2 cookie bouquets in 1 day. More orders to come :)


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