Friday, August 16, 2013

My First Cookie Bake Sale

My first cookie bake sale is very successful. Lots of kids patronized my cookies. They keep coming back for more. One kid even said that my cookie is addictive. He bought and ate nearly 10 cookies for himself. I'm super happy that I made these kids feel satisfied. Even the grown ups are curious of my cookies that they also tried it. I just warned them that these are really sweet and are packed with calories. For body conscious like me, you may eat 1 cookie a day only. Don't deprive yourself girl but if you're the kid that I mentioned above, no worries yet. You can still eat whatever you want if you're just a kid though we need to be aware of obesity too. Eat in moderation all the time but there's nothing wrong to indulge once a month. Right? Below are photos of my cookies I displayed at the annual "Family Day" here in our place. All you need to do is bring your own table and chair and display and sell whatever you like for free!!! It's a great way to showcase your talent and services. These people might be your next customers when they're having a party or any celebration that a cookie is a must. Have fun browsing and tell me what cookies you like in the comment box. :)

Cookie wings hanging on your mug in blue and pink colors.

Ribbon or bow cookie pop in baby blue color.

Heart with wings for Valentine's Day cookie pop.

Pink tea cup cookie pop.

Pink Ribbon or bow cookie pop.

Vintage teacup and saucer cookie pop.

Tea cup with chocolate and marshmallow heart cookie pop.

Pink poodle cookie pop.

German Shepherd dog cookie pop.

Louboutin shoe or high heels cookie pop with text "Walk a mile in my shoe"

Pink/blue poodle cookie pop.

pastel color cupcake cookie pop in blue and pink.
Baby foot cookie pop is great for baby boy baptismal celebration.

Dog cookie pop for a pet inspired party.

Rilakkuma or bear cookie pop. 

Diamond ring cookie pop for engagement parties.

This cupcake cookie goes straight to my stomach 'coz it cracked! Yum!
Butterfly cookies with heart details is great for a fairy inspired party.

 Onesie cookie pop for baby christening or baptismal. Change the color for gender specifications.

By the way, I made 2 colors of cookie dough. One is pink and the other is supposedly blue but when the yellow dough was mixed with blue gel color, it turns out green and that explains why the cookie color seems really odd. I won't be making any blue colored dough next time unless I'm using salted butter. I use salted butter in this cookie 'coz it's more cheaper than the unsalted ones.

Snapshots from the event:


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