Friday, August 16, 2013

Your One In A Minion Cookie Bouquet

July is a very lonely month for me since nobody ordered a cookie bouquet but this August, I'm fully booked. One thing that made me feel so excited was when I received a minions cookie bouquet order. If you don't know about minions then you'll miss half your life. They're little helpers of Gru - The World's No. 1 villain in the world from the movie Despicable Me. The process of making these cookies is really fun since  you can make your own minion out from your imagination. I also copied some of the minions from fan arts found in the web and tweak them a bit. Anyway, this cookie bouquet is for a guy. Her girlfriend wants to surprise him a new kind of present this year aside from the regular gifts they used to give to each other. I even make a minion out from his boyfriend's photo and good thing, she actually recognizes it as his boyfriend because of the eyebrows. For those of you looking for guides and inspirations on how to make minions cookies, just browse at my photos below. Tulalibo To Amo guys!!! (speaking minions meaning "I love you") 

Here's another minion with apple on his head.
girl minions from left to right: ballerina,piggy tails, curly hair, wearing fancy dress

The boyfriend minion

Kilay means eyebrows 

This rocket is inspired by the work of skip to my lou. I just want the pattern of the rocket and re-sized it to fit my tissue roll. I made a new window design using Photoshop and just put hot glue to stick it to the rocket. I also use the "you're the blast" text but I stick a star on top of it to add more details.
I also printed some stars and hot glue them to the skewers and to the fuzzy sticks (pipecleaners sticks)
Here's a closer look of the cookie bouquet.


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