Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Avocado Popsicle For Summer

As promised, here is the recipe of my avocado popsicle. I love this avocado tree variety my mom planted in our garden since it doesn't have much of a roots or fibers inside the fruit. I don't know if you've encountered a kind of avocado which has a lot of brown that looks like roots inside them which makes eating unsatisfactory. I though this avocado variety won't turn into a violet color but it did. So, I am skeptical about the inside of the fruit until I opened it and it turned out to be flawless or else... Anyway, the recipe, instructions and the photos are below. Have fun!!!

1 kilo of avocado or about 3 to 4 pieces
1/2 cup or more of simple syrup (boiled sugar and water)
1/4 of lemon or lemonsito *optional*

Blender or hand mixer
popsicle molds or ice candy wrapper
funnel or pitcher

Slice and take off the seed of the avocado.
Put the flesh in a clean deep bowl or plastic pitcher.
Make simple sugar by boiling sugar and water and then add it to the avocado.
Add a little bit of acid to prevent the avocado from turning into color brown.
Blend everything until it has a creamy consistency like "Cerelac".
Pour into molds using a funnel or use a pitcher to pour the avocado mix easily.
Freeze overnight and thaw for a while to easily slip off the popsicle.


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