Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kamias Sour Fruit Slushee/Shake

I never really got the idea of making this fruit into a shake or shall we say slushee since this fruit is really really sour but don't you remember there's already a green mango shake and who can ever imagined that a green mango shake is much better than it's yellow counterpart? The first time I tried Iba or Kamias shake was when my bestfriend invited me for a 3 day trip to Cebu and we had this unforgettable dinner at Zubuchon. Zubuchon is a resto where it caters this super yummy and crispy lechon de cebu. I've tried lechon from Davao and Manila but this lechon right here is super duper yummy and in that resto, they absolutely recommend their Kamias or Iba shake when you're eating their lechon because according to them the oiliness of the lechon truly complement each other. I say, they are not wrong about it and it's definitely a fine combination while eating lechon. The sourly taste of the Kamias or Camias will not make you feel drizzling with oil inside you when you're done eating a lot of lechon. I think the high acidity of the fruit explains the effect of it. Actually, it's really easy making the shake. How come I haven't I think about it ever since? During my childhood days, we only eat this fruit together with some fine salt and that's it! I still can remember the burden of having a severe menstrual cramps because I ate too much Kamias before my menstruation. They said there is no connection between eating sour foods and menstrual cramps but in my case it really did have an effect. From that time on, I minimized myself from eating sour foods like green mango, iba and even lemonsito. Anyway, here's the recipe on how to make a Kamias shake but surely you can eyeball everything out if you know what I mean. 

1 cup or about 7 large pieces of Kamias or Iba (visayan)
1 cup or more of simple syrup (boiled water and sugar) *depends on your taste buds*
5cups (or less) shaved ice or ice cubes 
3 tbsps. of honey for added taste
1/4 cup water 

Slice the Kamias fruit in half and take out the hard part where it's usually located at the center.
Combine everything except for the last ingredient. 
Add additional water one at a time only if it's difficult to blend everything anymore. 
Serve and drink immediately


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