Saturday, March 8, 2014

Make Your Own Homemade Virgin Coconut Oil

Hello everyone! Who among here are health conscious like me? Well, I guess most of us wants to be healthy but going organic full time is really difficult especially if you're living in the city. In my case I grew tired living in the city and move myself to the country and started gardening - planting veggies and flowers. For now, I'm not yet a 100% vegan since I just eat anything that was served on the table. We have a lot of workers staying in our place and what we eat is what they eat too. These workers carry a lot of heavy workloads physically almost everyday and we can't just serve them pure veggies to get extra energy everyday. So that's basically my life here in our place and we can't be choosy in food for life is hard to be choosy in this economy. Going back to our main topic in this post, I decided to make my own coconut oil because it's cheap and my parents own a lot of coconut trees and it's better to just make them and save money buying ready made coconut oil. Through the photo tutorials below, you will noticed I did not use any other ingredients than just coconut and water. I even cooked the coconut using wood fire to make it more cheaper and to save gas since we have lots of coconut branches for fire woods. I've came up to this idea of making my own virgin coconut oil because I've read a blog about oil pulling. It's about putting spoonful of oil in your mouth for 20 minutes and lots and lots of benefits you'll get from it. I'm really tired of my allergic rhinitis and I can't wait to try this method to clear my sinuses. Testimonies & claims that oil pulling will whiten your teeth, strengthens gums and jaw, banishes bad breath, prevent gingivitis, relieves headaches and hangovers, helps you sleep, detoxifies the body's hormonal imbalances and many other general pain issues. Actually, my boyfriend sent me a link through my Facebook that I really need to try this since he pitied my everyday grumpiness due to allergic rhinitis. I will update you all soon if this new craze is really effective or not. Let me see for myself within this week. For the meantime, try using this method of how to make your own virgin coconut oil. To read more about the benefits of virgin coconut oil check this article here.

3 pcs. freshly grated coconuts
2 to 3 cups of water

Large wok

Just add the water to the coconut and start squeezing until the coconut milk comes out. Use a strainer to filter the coconut milk and pour it to the wok and starts boiling it. 

 When the coconut milk starts boiling, keep on stirring it to prevent formation of lumps. 
 Do not leave the boiling coconut milk or it will spill all over your counter or cooking area. 
Attentively stir the coconut milk as much as possible.  
In this photo above and below you will notice that lumps are trying to form and this is now a sign that the oils are coming out and the water from the coconut milk has evaporated gradually. 

 You will noticed that the process is done of making your own VCO when lumps turned from light brown to dark brown and the solids separates from the liquid. 
 You will smell a "coconutty" scent during the final moment of this process and it's a sign that it's ready.
Cool down the coconut oil and strain them to separate the solids from the liquids. The solid lumps can be eaten by just adding a little bit of sugar for your enjoyment or just throw them to the chickens in your backyard. This photo above is the final product of our super simple way to make your own cheap and organic virgin coconut oil. I put my oil in the refrigerator overnight to solidify it and make it easy for oil pulling for which this idea came up. You can use this oil for cooking your veggies too if you want. 3 pcs. of medium coconuts will produce or yield about a cup or two of virgin coconut oil. 

Oil pulling did not aid my rhinitis. In other words, it did not clear my sinuses. Tsk! tsk! As a big fan of discovery channel, I've just found out that oil-pulling has no benefits whatsoever. If you want to read the article about it, check it here.


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