Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mango Loco Popsicle

It's the time of the year to bring out your swimsuits, sunglasses, sunblock and a cold treat. To our youngest sister, who is so crazy with ice cream but can't afford to buy ice cream everyday, we must find a way to bribe the poor kiddo. Finally, it's mango season here in the Philippines and it's a good time to indulge in this sweet fruit since it's really cheap at this time of the year. Our avocado tree has lots of fruits ready for picking too and can't wait to make avocado Popsicle when the mangoes are all gone in the fridge. This is such a very easy recipe where you can just eyeball everything. Actually, the main ingredients in making fruit Popsicle are only milk, a little bit of simple syrup/honey or sugar if you don't have one for sweetness or don't add any sweetener if the fruit is simply sweet like mangoes but if it's avocado, I guess you will need a little bit of sweet to add some taste and the last main ingredient are some fresh fruits that can be pureed or have juice. You will also need a blender or a good hand whisk if you don't have one and a popsicle molder that comes in plastic or silicone material. If you don't have a molder, try using an ice candy wrapper or cellophane like we do in making ice candies. Let's not make this post very long and just go directly to our "mango business". You can always double the recipe or the ingredients if you have lots of mouths to feed. 

4 sweet ripe mangoes
1/2 pack of Nestle all purpose cream or any brand
Simple syrup (boiling sugar in water) or honey (optional)

Blender or Hand mixer
Popsicle molder or ice candy wrappers
Bowl or  plastic pitcher (to pour the purees easily)

Cut the mangoes, scrape the insides and throw the skin.
In a mixing pitcher, add the 1/2 pack of all purpose cream.
Add your desired sweetener if you want to.
Combine all the ingredients inside the bowl or pitcher and use a blender or hand mixer to incorporate everything. Do not over mix and a little lump won't matter anyways.
Prepare your Popsicle molder and pour the mango puree inside.
Pop it in the fridge and wait for it to harden. 
Pour a not so hot water in the molder to slide it out easily when it's ready. 
Enjoy your homemade Popsicle in no less than a day. 


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