Saturday, May 3, 2014

Vegetable Garden Cake

Here's the first look of my garden cake. It was inspired by our backyard garden and this cake is for my mother's 54th birthday. I did not use any molds to make the veggies and no impression mats either because it's very easy to make them. All you need to do is just to look at pictures of real veggies and try to copy by just eye balling it. I love cake decorating but every time I do fondant modelling, the black ants will simply appear all over the kitchen counter. I really don't know where did these ants came from. My sister thinks they came from the plants outside and because it's summer they usually creeps all over the place to find food before the rainy season. Ugh! I wonder how to shoo them all away. They are such hassle to the kitchen and I can't use any pesticide since it's where the foods are stored and served. Tsk! tsk! tsk!

I use fondant to make the veggies and didn't use tylose to harden them since they just simply lay flat in the cake. (Decorations are made 3 days before)
Noticed I need water to put the cake on top because lots of ants are creeping up. Ggrrr!
I pretty much like the feature of my chicken laying eggs. By the way, my boiled icing turned hard when she added hot water to the bottom of the tray to keep the ants away. The steam of the hot water turned the boiled icing sandy in texture. LOL! (Don't you ever do that to your cake)
Sweet corns
 Apples (though apples don't grow in this country)
Taiwanese bok choy and radishes
 Carrots big and small variety
 Eggplants (I forgot to dust them off before taking pictures)
 Lemon and sweet pea
I use the cake crumbs for the soil because I don't like using crumbled Oreos.
I will need a lot of sleep after this party 'coz my eye bags are already visible. 


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