Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kamias Jelly Spread

I don't know what to do with all the Kamias fruits around me aside from making Kamias shake then I got this idea why not make them into jelly spread just like the way we do it with guavas. I was pessimistic at first since Kamias is such a sour fruit which I think it's more sour than Tamarind. In my mind, if Tamarind can be made into jelly spread why not Kamias? When I boiled the fruit, it's liquid consistency and color looks like a sinigang soup. It scared me a little bit that I might me wasting my time and money for this experiment. Well, it's an experiment right so it's a win-win situation. I let the boiled Kamias cooled down for a couple of minutes before straining the pulp and saving the liquid where the juice of the Kamias fruit was extracted. I then boiled again the juice and add almost a half kilo of brown sugar to it while stirring it occasionally. You may need to low down the heat when the mixture starts to bubble and stir it as much as possible to prevent it from boiling too much and it will cause spillage. Wait for liquid to become sticky and if the consistency looks like a honey then the jelly is ready. Prepare ahead your mason jars or any recycled glass jar with a lid. Cool the Kamias jelly spread for a couple of minute then pour it down to your jar. You can now use the spread to your crackers and sandwiches for your snacks. The sour taste of Kamias is barely there anymore if you add sugar to it. Try it now!!!

Homemade Kamias / Iba jelly spread/jam preserve


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