Saturday, May 24, 2014

Simple Hello Kitty Cake Tutorial

In this post, I'll be showing you how to make a very simple but presentable Hello Kitty cake. Yep, I know there are already lots of tutorial on how to make Hello Kitty cakes out there but I just want to share how I did mine. Anyway, here are the things you needed:

Baked round cake (any flavor you like)
Color white, black, yellow and pink fondant (ready made or not)
knife or fondant tools
buttercream frosting you prefer (white color)
toothpicks or spaghetti sticks
sieved confectioner's sugar for dusting
roller pin 
star icing tip or grass tip you like 
icing bag
clean working table

Directions are below:
1. crumb coat the cake and when done, pop it in the fridge for 1 minute

2. make the ears, bow, nose, whiskers and other accents to go with your cake using fondant

To make hello kitty ears, you will need a medium size ball then divide it into halves then shape it into triangle using your fingers and poke a toothpick or spaghetti stick to hold them in when you stick them to the cake.
(Warning: Poke the cake first with a clean toothpick where the ears will be placed so your fingers won't smashed the fondant 'coz some cakes are hard to poke)
3. When done adding the ears, starts piping it in an upward direction and follow the direction of the arrow of the photo below as indicated.

4. Add the bow, eyes and nose made of fondant but I recommend you use sugarpaste if available because it won't melt easily even if you pop the cake into the refrigerator.

5. Add the toothpick covered with black fondant to create Hello Kitty's whiskers.

6. Finish the cake by adding more furs and fondant accents.

7.  Voila! Here's how it looks like when Hello Kitty's face is done. 

The truth be told, Hello Kitty's face is actually not a perfect round. The shape of her face is oblong but since I'm so lazy to make my own birthday cake, I didn't shaped her face into oblong and just continue with the shape of the round cake pan. *wink*

Another thing, I use butter cream cream cheese (Philadelphia) frosting to this cake and honestly, I don't really like the combination of Martha Stewart's ultimate chocolate cake recipe with this one. Also, if you use fondant, please don't pop it in the fridge because the fondant will melt but in our country it's so very hot right now and I can't control how the buttercream works. I guess it's better not to use fondant but use sugarpaste instead. 


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